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LAST UPDATED: 10.03.02
The current stats are in! Utilising the very best in 'bent ruler laid on a faded wall map' technology, we can reveal the very latest on the race out there...
fastest duck*:  

DUC339 : 408 kph
DUC320 : 264.79 kph


slowest duck*:  

DUC041 : 0.0027 kph
DUC281 : 0.01 kph
DUC281 : 0.02 kph

most travelled duck:  

DUC339 : 11 places : 53,110.3 km
DUC239 : 5 places : 48,022.98 km
: 4 places : 39,690.48 km
DUC440 :
9 places : 32,878.73 km
: 7 places : 28,441.6 km
DUC316 :
6 places : 24,219.82 km
DUC175 :
9 places : 19,623.04 km
DUC285 : 7 places : 16,600.35 km
DUC191 :
2 places : 16,498.35 km
DUC016 :
8 places : 16,265.04 km


duck furthest from London:  

DUC456 : Melbourne : 19,636.93 km away
DUC316 :
Melbourne : 19,636.93 km
DUC239 :
Hawaii : 17,776 km away


duck in strangest location:   This one was an easy decision, DUC494 is currently swimming around in a pool in a cave 500ft underground.

most cared for duck:   This is a very subjective one. We had numerous reports of people keeping their ducks but without photographic proof, it was hard to decide how much care was going on. Both sets of Duck handlers that have dealt with DUC440 have raised their concern over it's severe injuries, as the photo on its page clearly shows. If the intentions of the current handler for DUC016 are anything to go by then that Duck also could be considered greatly cared for. Two other Ducks that are clearly cared for are DUC053 and DUC267 or 'Edd' and 'AL' as they otherwise known. Both these Ducks not only have photographic proof on their pages showing them being cared for but were also named by their handlers before we even added that suggestion to the report form.

Other ducks worthy of note:   Two others worthy of note are DUC327 who was placed on the roof of a police car and hasn't been seen since (having caused a flap for the old bill he'll be up before the beak very soon) and DUC387 who was left in the fast lane of the M1 motorway - we don't expect another sighting of that one.



*Duck speeds: When it comes to calculating duck speeds, we work out the speeds between known sightings only, if one is dumped in the sea then we won't get the tide charts out and try to calculate its route. Even when dealing with known reports the timings can be vague, especially when we get the same duck reported twice in one day over very short distances.

We have decided to err on the side of blatant guesswork and idle fantasy just because its easier. If anyone wants to take issue with any of our calculated speeds and distances then quite frankly you have far too much spare time on your hands.