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And they're off!

Crossing the Big pond...
016, 289 and 339 have all surfaced in the USA. We hear that 267 may soon be joining them and there's even talk that 320 is planning a whistle-stop tour of New York and New Orleans. 338 is still dithering over whether to go to Canada.

Quacks appearing in the European Union?...
Despite the heavy competition from the US contingent, the duck they're all talking about here is 465 who has already shot through Amsterdam and is currently planning its next move from Switzerland. Not the furthest travelled but keep your eye on this zippy little chap!

186 has settled temporarily in Paris and may soon be joined in France by 207. 039 may be joining 420 in Germany. 397 is in Monaco and Spain may well be on the visiting list for 180. Holland is the choice of location at the moment for 240 and 295. A tour of the entire EU seems to be on the agenda for 495.

Happy at home...
The following ducks currently seem content to stay in the UK-
053, 058, 060, 102, 109 (who seemed to have got quite attached to the Bennett family but has since moved out), 112, 127, 131, 192, 256, 258, 281, 327 (who has had a run in with the law), 349, 376, 385 (Who we are pretty sure has been kidnapped - "I intend to release the duck (where? still a surprise!) again the day after tomorrow. You will hear again then of me", 387, 419, 424, 440, 453, 461, 463 and 490. And 301 is currently driving to Scotland.