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Once you have read the instructions below, be sure to report your duck find.

I've found a duck. Now what?

Well, you've taken the first step and logged on to this site.

I found a duck is the first global duck race happening across the face of the earth and across the web. 500 ducks have been deposited across London, each duck has the website address around its neck and a unique ID number ( DUC001 through to DUC500 ) but you know a lot of this already.

500 people have now hopefully picked up ducks and are, at some point, reading this.

So now what?

The idea is to see how far the ducks travel and how fast. If you are outside the UK, it would be ideal if you could take a photograph showing the duck and a signpost/famous landmark in the background to show where you are. We also need you to notify us as to the colour of the neck tag and the colour of the ID number sticker in order to verify the duck's identity. If you don't have access to a scanner or digital camera, we will accept these reports which will be listed as unsubstantiated by clear photo. (This also goes for any vague or unclear photographs or obvious looking Photoshop work - how long till the first duck found on moon photo turns up?)

After that, the last step is to place the duck back in the wild. Ideally, if you are travelling on a long distance trip then take it with you or pass it on to anyone you know may be travelling away. Failing that, just take it to work and pass it on. Then it's time to report your duck find.

Each duck has its own page where its current progress/location/speed etc can be followed as and when the information comes in. That's it, report your duck and pass it on. Hurry, this is a race you know!

Above are the new instructions for the online report. Just for amusements sake, we still have the old guide here: interactive guide in Flash (Do not use this as instructions though, all duck reporting now happens online here)