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I haven't found a duck but I am curious.. what's this all about?
I found a duck is the first global duck race happening across the face of the earth and across the web. 500 ducks have been deposited across London, each duck has the website address around its neck and a unique ID number ( DUC001 through to DUC500 ) Each person will then report the duck (along with photographic evidence if possible) and leave the duck someone else or pass it on to someone travelling somewhere distant.

Then what?
Then the race is on! As each report comes in the information will be added to the site, each duck has its own page showing its current progress/location/speed etc. There is also a map showing the most interesting places reached by the ducks.

But surely not all the ducks will make it?
No but we didn't tell the ducks that, its not good for morale. Unfortunately it's a big bad world out there and tiny plastic ducks are pretty near the bottom of the food chain. We hope that at least a few of the ducks will find good homes that will take them in, feed them, and send them on their way.

Because they might be hungry.

No, not that! Why a plastic duck race?
We considered stuffed sheep but foresaw traffic problems in Oxford Street.

I was thinking more of why any of it?
It's just a whim, one of those things a chap just has to do; its also an experiment to see what will happen and how people react to finding the ducks and how much interest there will be. Its one of those ideas that you get and think 'wouldn't it be funny if...' and then never do. Its one of those other pub thoughts.

How will you know if reports are genuine?
Obviously we won't. Once a duck gets outside the UK we ask people to provide photographic evidence to prove a ducks location. If this is not an option we will still accept a report but list it as unsubstantiated by clear photo. In order to provide an extra level of security we will also ask people to state the colour of the neck ring and the ID sticker. There are various colours for the neck tag and ID sticker and all the combinations are logged in a spreadsheet back at the nest.