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9AM at Waterloo

Saturday. 9 am. Cold station concourse.








The Stars

Squadron Two, ready for take off.



This way...



That way...



Which way?



Sometimes, it's just time to run

You can almost hear the 'Baywatch' music starting up.


Reservoir Ducks

Let's go to work


Duck down

Quick quacker pavement placement.



Every good campaign needs a speech

"We will place them on the benches..."


Chuck a duck

Neil launches a flock of ducks into the fountain at Trafalgar Square. I mean, it's not as if anyone is going to notice...


...Now, don't do it again

Time to soothe ruffled feathers.


Don't even ask

This chap was very surprised to see a small plastic duck placed in his tray along with a donation. Like everyone else, we were just surprised to see a tall squeaky gold thing balancing on a green crate. Didn't I see him on Doctor Who once?


You all white?

A duck in the hand is worth two in the Thames. The ghost of street performance past pops up to receive a plastic quacker... now, that is obviously a mop on your head - a mistake like that should be rectified by taking the mop off your head, rather than trying to cover it up with Tippex.