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The content on this page now is only a small temporary beginning. We shall be looking to update this space soon with a more extensive look of the day itself with far more text, images, video and sound clips. But for now, here's a taste...

You've found the duck! Now see the film!
A realmovie clip of the ducks going out.

An early duck takes centre stage at the London Eye...

...and is quickly surrounded.

5 of the 7 Duck crew plan the yellow plastic assault.
L - R: Mark (with camera), Nick, Adam, Christian, Hayley.

Oi!!! It says 'www.ifoundaduck.com' - not 'kick me.'

Doubleplusgood duckspeaker.
At Speaker's Corner in Hyde Park, the last bastion of free speech,
Christian waxes lyrical on freedom for all plastic ducks.

Didn't he used to waddle?
Charlie Chaplin meets Charlie Quackling.

Family of people with family of ducks.
Is this your family in Trafalgar Square?
If so, let us know.

Lesser spotted duck.
Neil spots woman and snaps a shot. Woman spots duck.
Woman spots Neil. Duck oblivious to all of it.