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Original concept, D-DAY duck placing, gibbering to media, website design

Author of 'Broken Eggshells' - a novel that explores the strange ideas that people have in pubs but never do. In the plot a group of cynics decide to payback the futility of society with the most bizarre terrorist campaign ever, dreamt up in a pub. In reality, the ifoundaduck scheme was put on hold after the Counter Terrorist Branch feared the crew putting out ducks would be mistaken for terrorists. Another case of life mimics art.



Duck welfare, tagging and labelling (yes, that's all 500 ducks!), D-DAY duck placing

Someone had to do the unenviable task of labelling, tagging and documenting all 500 ducks by hand. If there hadn't been a female in the group then we'd be launching the ducks in 2002 at the earliest. As it is, she's grown quite attached to the whole flock and is particularly concerned about the fate of the much talked about and much squished DUC440.



Duck Music, D-DAY duck placing

If you've got that tune firmly stuck in your head then this is the chap to blame. Better known as ambient artist 'Farfield', Nick demonstrates his diversity of talent by knocking out a foot-tapping Duck classic one moment, and then pulling a dark ambient classic out of the bag the next. Hop on over to www.ambientmusic.co.uk and you'll hear what we mean.



D-DAY duck placing

Have you seen this man? maybe the Counter Terrorist Branch had a point. Adam was a very calming influence on the day itself... with all that charging down the middle of the road and diving onto statues, the police would obviously grab him long before any of the rest of us aroused even the slightest suspiscion.



D-DAY photography

As well as forming part of the photography duo that captured the whole event so well, Steve also managed to competently navigate the weary troops to the nearest Irish pub when we'd finished. He managed all this, while maintaining that continuous hamster grin, despite only having had 3 seconds sleep the night before.




D-DAY filming

This is the only image we have of shady documentary maker Mark. We could say this is due to the fact that he needs to conceal his identity due to his stunning series exposing the criminal overlords of Latin America. But the actual reason is that this is the only image we have of shady documentary maker Mark.




D-DAY photography

The face that launched a thousand ducks... well, 4 or 5 actually, straight into the fountains at Trafalgar Square. But the less said about that the better... Neil's other major contribution to the day (Other than the Photographs in the galleries) was to navigate the whole team through London while avoiding the suspicious looks of... well, just about everybody.