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Released in :   London
on:   14.04.01
Last reported location:   Highbridge, Somerset
on date:   17.04.01
Number of places visted :   2
distance travelled :   208.8 km
average speed :   2.86 kph
top speed :   2.86 kph
furthest location from London:   Highbridge, Somerset
Claim to fame / records:   Just your average duck.
Journey so far:  
  • London (14.04.01)
  • Danisco Flexible Baricol, Isleport Business Park, Highbridge, Somerset (17.04.01)
    Found by Andrew Difford




This is a story of a duck from the streets of London made good.
Spotted by a film producer (er unfortunately for our hero that's film as in cling film)
Duc430 is offered a job. Our duck comes to Danisco Flexible in Highbridge and signs the visitor book.

Our hero hits it off with everybody, especially Kirky our receptionist.

Ducky logs in and starts work. Hopefully Duc430 will get to fly a lot in his new job as International Trouble Shooter and he has already ruffled a few feathers in the office by upsetting the pecking order. I sure there will a lot of difficult situations he will not be able to duck without the risk of being called .... er yellow.
[ED. Looks like he's using software from Bill Drakes... personally, I prefer my Quackintosh - Yes, I know, I'm sorry but it wasn't me that started all this]