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Released in :   London
on:   14.04.01
Last reported location:   Istanbul, Turkey
on date:   29.04.01
Number of places visted :   3
distance travelled :   3,555.2 km
average speed :   49.38 kph
top speed :   124.99 kph (Holland to Istanbul)
furthest location from London:   Istanbul, Turkey
Claim to fame / records:   Just your average duck.
Journey so far:  
  • At the opposite side of ' civil engineer institute' (or something like that) close to Big Ben, London (14.04.01)
    Found by Hanne Duindam
  • Holland (16.04.01)
  • Istanbul, Turkey (21.04.01)

DUC385 plucked from the Serpentine in Hyde Park

Paddington Bear has relatives in deepest darkest Peru
Will DUC385 be meeting them soon?

Duck in Turkey.

Panorama Quackerama.

Tom and Hanne might spot something odd about this shot...
...but I doubt anyone else will.

As we leave Turkey behind, where next for DUC385?

The very grand and magnificent Duck 385
in front of some statue of Nasrettin Hoca in Aksehir, Turkey.