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DUC339 ("Sebastian", "Terrance", "Bill", "Schnitzel")  
Released in :   London
on:   14.04.01
Last reported location:   Salzburg
on date:   03.01.02
Number of places visted :   11
distance travelled :   53,110.3 km
average speed :   8.7 kph
top speed :   408 kph (St. Louis to Cincinnati 27.04.01)
furthest location from London:   Asahikawa, on the island of Hokkaido, Japan
Claim to fame / records:  

Fastest Duck (27.04.01 - )
(St. Louis to Cincinnati - 408 kph)

Most travelled Duck - 10 stops covering 53,110.3 km - as of 03.01.02

Journey so far:  
  • A telephone booth by the Houses of Parliament. We were taking a tourist photo of the booth and Big Ben. London (14.04.01)
    Found by A Wygant
  • University of Maine, Orono campus. Orono, Maine, USA. (16.04.01 - 24.04.01)
    Found by S Hall / K. Eickhorst
  • ASPRS Conference, St. Louis (27.04.01)
  • Very small suburb of Cincinnati, OH. (27.04.01)
    Found by D. Nobbe
  • Kansas City, Missouri. (16.05.01)
    Found by E. Eickhorst
  • Chicago.
  • Indianola , Iowa. (16.05.01)
  • Tokyo, Japan. (23.05.01)
  • Asahikawa, on the island of Hokkaido, Japan. (25.05.01)
  • Kansas City, Missouri. (01.08.01)
    Found by K. Eickhorst
  • In my mailbox at Saint Sebastian's dormitory, on the LinzerGasse in Salzburg (03.01.02)
    Found by Melanie S. Rand

DUC339 hiding at Maine University
Just don't move, it won't see you

DUC339 in St Louis
suddenly I fancy a NcDonalds

Duck 339 in Harrison, Ohio, a small suburb of Cincinnati.
The even smaller duck is perched on the sign above the 'D' in 'Daniel.'
(in case you were wondering)

Duck 339 stops over in Chicago.

Duck 339 in Asahikawa, on the island of Hokkaido, Japan.

Duck 339 in Tokyo.

Kansas City. 448,033 people and one plastic duck.

Duck 339 in Salzburg. In today's world, plastic duck envy is common.