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Released in :   London
on:   14.04.01
Last reported location:   New York
on date:   15.04.01
Number of places visted :   3
distance travelled :   7943.65 km
average speed :   264.79 kph
top speed :   264.79 kph
furthest location from London:   New York
Claim to fame / records:   Fastest Duck 15.04.01 - 27.04.01
(London to New york - 264.79 kph)
Journey so far:  
  • Our little duckie was found floating on a bench in London's Green Park area. (14.04.01)
    Found by Judie Thomson
  • New York, (15.04.01)
  • then New Orleans bound




DUC320 stops to warily observe the 25 MPH speed limit
after a record smashing 264.79 KPH sprint across the big pond.

DUC320 demonstrates its independence from Britain
by posing under a statue of revolutionary Sybil Luddington.
We're told that the statue has an apparent design flaw
that causes it to foam at the mouth
(The iFoundaDuck team would like to assure those in the UK that the plastic
Ducks present no risk of transmitting 'Foam-in-mouth' to our statues over here).

DUC320 with Churchill out front of the New Orleans Riverside Hilton
"This is not the end, it is not even the beginning of the end..."

DUC320 after a dip in the Mississippi

DUC320 at the 'Top of the Mart' revolving restaurant
so, who's 'round' is it?