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DUC308 ("Mervyn")  
Released in :   London
on:   14.04.01
Last reported location:   Swamps of Togo
on date:   Space and time are not concepts this amazing Duck is keen to accept.*
Number of places visited :   3
distance travelled :   travelled about 5,500 km and then things got a bit trippy*
average speed :   > Speed of light.*
top speed :   > Speed of light.*
furthest location from London:   Togo... we think, though don't be surprised if this Duck suddenly appears in the middle of some massive crop circle somewhere
Claim to fame / records:  

*According to the report we received with this duck, it was found on the 04.07.01 and then later left in the same place 24 hours before. This can only mean that Liz and duck have achieved a speed greater than the speed of light and dabbled in a bit of time travel. Come on, keep up everyone, you don't need to be Einstein to understand all this...

One thing we can now share with the science community is that travelling at the speed of light greatly affects physical appearance as the duck looks remarkably different now (after time travel) than it did when we first released it in London. As for Liz's appearance after time travel we can't fairly comment as we didn't see her before but she seems to have come through pretty well. Her camera though will need to go back to the store it came from...

Journey so far:  
  • London (14.04.01)
  • Swamps of Togo (04.07.01)*
  • Swamps of Togo (03.07.01)*

Watch out Lara Croft!
Daring adventurer Liz found the amazing time travelling Duck 308
deep in the heart of the Togo swamps.