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DUC138 ("wuff_duck")  
Released in :   London
on:   14-04-01
Last reported location:   New York
on date:   28.04.01
Number of places visted :   3
distance travelled :   10,937.75 km
average speed :   32.17 kph
top speed :   34.18 kph (London to Vienna)
furthest location from London:   New York
Claim to fame / records:   Just your average duck.
Journey so far:  
  • pedestrian underpass on speekers corner, Hyde Park. London (14-04-01)
    Found by Wolfgang
  • Vienna, Austria (16.04.01)
  • internet cafe easyeverything NYC West 42nd Street (near Time Square), USA. (28.04.01)
    [ED. heads up NYC, incoming... Duck!]




DUC138 in front of Schoenbrunn Castle in Vienna, Austria.

DUC138 struts its world wide webbed feet in NYC.

DUC138 drops in on an internet cafe to check out the competition.