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DUC053 ("Edd," "Kachna" (Czech for duck),)  
Released in :   London
on:   14.04.01
Last reported location:   Prague
on date:   21.04.01
Number of places visted :   3
distance travelled :   1572.53 km
average speed :   19.5 kph
top speed :   19.5 kph
furthest location from London:   Prague
Claim to fame / records:   First Duck photo submitted
First Duck to change sex
[Nicko called the Duck 'Edd' which we're pretty sure is a male name and then Herbie began referring to the Duck as 'she' in e-mails - that's one confused Duck!]
Journey so far:  
  • St. James' Park, London. Sitting all alone on a park bench. (14.04.01)
    Found by Nicko
  • Left at Norwich train station waiting for the next kind person to take Edd the Duck on his travels. (14.04.01)
    [ED. (that's Ed. as in Editor's note, not the duck) anyway, rumours are that 'Edd' (yes, the duck) is Prague bound]
    Found by Herbie
  • THE DUCK HAS LANDED! I found a nice and cosy bench for Kachna on Town Square in Prague. Lots of tourists around, so I wonder what Kachna's next destiny will be. It was hard to say good-bye to Kachna! (21.04.01)


(14.04.01) - 'Edd' decides to go on ahead

(14.04.01) - 'Edd/Kachna' brings joy to all he/she comes across

(21.04.01) - Giant duck attacks Prague!!!