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Released in :   London
on:   14.04.01
Last reported location:   Times Square, NY, USA
on date:   22.06.02
Number of places visted :   12
distance travelled :   30,716.04 km
average speed :   2.95 kph
top speed :   151 kph
furthest location from London:   Memphis, Tenn. USA
Claim to fame / records:   First celebrity Duck - as seen on Athens Online
Journey so far:  
  • Hyde Park, London (14.04.01)
    Found by R Atkins
  • Inside Phipps Plaza in Atlanta, Georgia, USA (16.04.01)
    Found by Peter E. Phillips
    [ED. This duck has an ambitious schedule ahead of it - watch this space]
  • Dial America Office, Athens, Georgia, USA (16.04.01)
  • Memphis, Tenn. USA (21.04.01)
  • Boston, Mass. USA (21.04.01)
  • Detroit, Mich. USA (27.04.01)
  • Dial America Office, Athens, Georgia, USA (27.04.01)
  • Atlantis, Bahamas (30.04.01)
    Found by Mary Crum
  • Rabat, Morocco (12.05.01)
    Found by Lois Kraus
  • Camping in the Sahara (17.07.??)
  • Paris,France (27.05.??)
  • Times Square in NY, USA (07.03.02)
    Found by Jack Bryan
  • And again Last June with Me (Peter Phillips) In a supreme act of generosity I gave the duck away as a birthday gift in Times Square, New York City, USA (22.06.02)
    Back with Peter E. Phillips but handed on as a birthday gift

DUC 016 takes a moment to brief Peter E. Phillips
on the busy schedule ahead.
Dial America Office, Athens, Georgia, USA (16.04.01)

Careful! He has a duck and I don't think he's afraid to use it.
Memphis, Tenn. USA (21.04.01)

Boston, Mass. USA (21.04.01)

Spot the duck!
Boston, Mass. USA (26.04.01)

So where was this taken then?
Detroit, Mich. USA (27.04.01)

DUC016 meeting new friends in The Bahamas (30.04.01)

First duck in Africa!
Rabat, Morocco (12.05.01)

DUC016 hides out in the Sahara, away from the press.

From the sands of the Sahara to the streets of Paris...

...and those much-needed creature comforts.